Curl Kit


Curls, waves, kinks and coils, our Curl Kit loves you all! Our 'start to finish' hair care bundle has you and your little ones covered.

1 x Coconut Smoothie Shampoo - 350ml
Straight, curly, frizzy, thick or fine, our shampoo means happy hair for everyone.

1 x My Little Coco Whipped Coconut Conditioner - 800ml
For velvety locks and silky soft hair, use our creamy conditioner to smooth and nourish.

1 x Detangling Coconut Water - 150ml
No more nasty knots for the tots! Our detangling coconut water is kind, hydrating and smoothing.

1 x Coconut Curling Custard - 150ml
Kinks, coils, waves and frizz, our curling custard loves you all! Control, define and smooth for the happiest of curls.

1 x My Little Coco Cotton Drawstring Bag